A wireless baby monitor is A MUST in today’s world where moms or caretakers are not with the baby all the time.  These could make very good gifts for new parents or moms.


  • In our opinion, one of these is essential for a mom or parent whether audio monitoring or video or WiFi.

In this group, all come with a standard set of features:

  • Battery operated parent unit, Range of about 900-1000ft, talk-back, night vision, zoom, temperature monitoring
  • All the selected ones are very good and recommended. We placed them in the order of price from low to high, not by ranking.
  • We picked best among different models, prices and with different features so you could get to select whatever fits your need.
  • All these models come with all the basic features you need for monitoring your baby at home.

Precautions in use:

  • Do not place cameras near the baby. They emit signals and we would want to avoid them near babies.
  • Do not place cameras where they may fall on baby, like on cradle itself unless secured tight & well.
  • Do not place cameras where the wires can cause falls of adults or where wires are tucked in baby’s cradle.
  • If there is a temperature sensor, see that it is not covered or not in the way of heated / cold air from the room heater air conditioner. See that it is placed in a location where you get reading as it is near the baby.

Features & how they help:

  • Talkback:
    • So useful, when baby wakes up and cries not finding anyone, we could be running to the baby but talking to here in the meantime can comfort the baby very much. Sometimes even a talkback saying the words baby is used to can get baby back to sleep.
  • More cameras/option to pair with more cameras:
    • It is useful when the baby is out of cradle or crib, i.e. when the baby is moving around on her own. These last quite long unless broken in the first few months. So you could count on using them through 3 or 4 years.  So purchasing one with cameras could be useful later on.
  • Temperature:
    • Some babies are very sensitive to temperature changes. Especially in winters, it is critical to monitor room temperatures because babies cannot go and change the thermostat settings as we do.
  • Battery backup:
    • Most of the makers are offering batteries in the parent unit (the one you carry). But it is also good to have battery back up in cameras. Cause there are times when you want to place the camera away from an outlet.  So the units with batteries in the camera are preferred in such cases.
  • Range:
    • Though your apartment or living space maybe not huge, having a long-range monitor means more reliable transmission. So they can guarantee better transmission even in shorter distances. Mind that the walls or objects do degrade signal strength.
  • Placing unit & Signal strength:
    • Placing the unit in an area where there are fewer obstacles can ensure better signal strength. More obstacles, even walls can drop the signal strength.
  • Zoom (Digital or Manual):
    • Another great feature. Sometimes we want to check baby closer whether eyes open or closed at nights. And this helps in such times.  Digital zoom can be good.  And if it comes with a manual zoom lens, that’s good for placing the unit to cover what you need.
  • Pan and Tilt & Holder or Base for the Camera:
    • Some units come with an intelligently designed base which allows you to place the camera in different angles or places.
  • Eco-mode:
    • Certainly saves batteries while serving the purpose. A good to have feature.