The need for First Aid Kit is obvious in the ‘New Norm of Life’. And many kits are made by the Western World and do not cater to the needs of India where everything is much different than the West such as food, lifestyle, or family structure.

So worked on a First Aid Kit for our Indian Household and sharing the same.

We all know the household names Band-aid, Burnol, etc.  We keep them at home especially if there are kids at home. But the ‘new norm’ of living in lockdown calls for a well-prepared first aid kit that can handle most basic medical first aid needs at home without going to the pharmacy.

We have put together ‘a comprehensive checklist’ so you could pick and choose what fits your home.

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  1. Keep these printouts or digital copies handy
  2. Routine checks & caution
  3. A list of medicines as a reference
  4. Our handpicked recommended items
  5. Reference articles
Keep these printouts or digital copies handy:

We recommend to print & keep the below documents on more than one place & keep one set in the first aid kit.  Better yet, keep them in digital format on the phone or computer.

  1. A print out of emergency contacts
    • your doctors, nearest ambulance, hospitals & pharmacy
  2. A print out of the medicine name, it’s use and the dosage
  3. A copy of the prescriptions or digital copy works.
Routine checks & caution:
  1. Periodically like once every month check the expiry date and replace expired items
  2. Keep in a cool and dry place and out of reach of children
  3. Check with your doctor as with any medical aspect and use this list as a reference.
General medicines as a reference:
    1. Antibiotic cream or gel  – such as “Boroplus Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream
    2. Gel or cream for Burns – such as “Burnol
    3. Antacids – such as “Gelusil
Medicines of your choice – check with your doctor for what’s best for you:
    1. Anti-diarrhea medication
    2. Laxative for relieving constipation
    3. Antihistamines for allergy treatment
    4. General flu, cough and cold medications
    5. Pain relievers for minor aches and pains

Now, do not forget to include 'personal medications' for you or any of your family member such as for Diabetes, BP, Thyroid to name a few.

Items for the Fir Aid Kit:

  • For Indian households with kids and the elderly. This is also for single working professionals.
  • We have listed some recommended products.  Click them to find out more details
  • As with any checklist, pick what works for your needs.  Let us know how we can improve.
1. A sturdy & water-proof box with compartments

  • Milton Medical Box – trusted brand
  • Compact & compartmentalized box.
  • Low cost and good for a small family.

(click image for details & price)

  • Nilkamal 3 Drawer Cabinet – a trusted brand
  • Large, easy to access & can hold all medicines & stuff.
  • A higher-priced item that is very good for a large family.

(click image for details & price)

2. Thermometer

  • Dr Trust “contact free” Digital Thermometer
  • For babies and Adults.
  • Color-coded indicator displays red for fever.

(click image for details & price)

  • Dr. Morepen “classic” Digital Thermometer
  • Just like olden days but no mercury to worry 
  • Very affordable and takes a quick measurement  

(click image for details & price)

3. Hand sanitizer

  • DABUR Sanitizer – 60% Alcohol Based
  • Instantly Kills 99.9% germs without soap & water
  • Rinse free & Non Sticky

(click image for details & price)

  • Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Germ Protection Sanitizer
  • Kills 99.99% germs without water, anytime, anywhere
  • No water necessary, dries out easily

(click image for details & price)

4. Antiseptic liquid

  • Dettol Disinfectant  Liquid – safe on skin
  • Protects from 100 Illness causing germs
  • Recommended by Indian Medical Association

(click image for details & price)

  • Savlon Antiseptic Liquid
  • Sanitise cuts, insect bites, minor burns and scalds
  • even for personal care in the bath or for midwifery.

(click image for details & price)

4. Band-aids (adhesive bandages – assorted sizes)

  • Johnson & Johnson’s BAND-AID
  • Wash Proof

(click image for details & price)

  • Hansaplast Complete Combo Set of 9
  • Assorted –  kids, XL, washproof & ventilated

(click image for details & price)

5. Sterilized cotton      &    6.  Nonadhesive pads

  • Sterilized cotton


(click image for details & price)

  • Gauage Bandage Cloth 

(click image for details & price)

7. Adhesive cloth tape      &    8. Elastic bandages

  • Adhesive cloth tape

(click image for details & price)

  • Elastic bandages

(click image for details & price)


9. Exam gloves      &    10. Face masks

  • Gloves – may also buy plastic disposable as low cost alternative.

(click image for details & price)

  • Face masks – below are from an established brand
  • Note: cheaper to buy local & price varies with demand.

(click image for details & price)

11. Scissors & Tweezers

  • You can keep one from your home but keep it in the box after sterilizing.
  • See that its of good quality and does not rust.
  • These come very handy in dressing bruising or cuts, removing stings and on and on.

(click image for details & price)

Reference articles:
  1. Mayo Clinic’s “First-aid kits: Stock supplies that can save lives
  2. WebMDs “First Aid Kits
  3. American Red Cross’s “Make a First Aid Kit