Top-7 ‘Eyes Saving’ ? Gadgets for the Tech-Savvy Indians

Basics of Preventable Eye Problems Good eyesight is privilege, lets protect it There are many odds against losing the privilege of having the normal “good” eyesight that the most have in their twenties (aka acute vision), even with corrective measures. We need to protect the privilege of being able to see well. We can do […]

Top 6 Blood Pressure Monitors for Indian homes & what you need to know before buying.

You may check out this article on our ‘Renew Life’ blog to know more – “Blood pressure ‘simplified’, for Indians“ Please let us know your comments on our Simple Reviews Facebook page so we can improve our posts. And feel free to share it with friends & family. Who may not need a Blood Pressure […]

Review: ‘Must keep in Car’ items for Indian automobile owners

With the number of cars growing fast, having doubled in the past 10 years to now at 2.5 crores … huh ? yes its true, and more and more consumers are driving on their own ?, isn’t it more important now than ever to have an emergency car kit in the car ? (yes, not […]

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