As we are into ‘the New Normal Life’ ?, I see all of us have learned a lot of skills in staying safe and winning our lives back ?.

Here are some items, tools, or gadgets that help with respect to safety and staying safe in this new norm with hand washing, sanitizing and contact-less living, and of course social distancing.

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Who is this article for:
  • For all us of living the ‘new normal life’.
  • For those hygiene concerned people.

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Top 10 Essentials for the ‘new normal life’ in India

A word of caution: Read instructions WHO guidelines and get to know how to put these to best use. Mistakes in proper use may not give the protection you need such as sharing a mask or wearing it below the nose.

1. Masks (reusable & disposable)
(affordable, high quality, easy to use)

2. Sanitizers (Gel & Spray)
  • Another essential item for all those that step out of the house and want to be careful about the contact-based contagion.
  • Tips:
    • I always keep a small one handy in the pocket and recommend 50 ml bottles.
    • And for all other purposes, a 200 ml would be a good option.
    • And spray based sanitizers have their own place as we need them when we have to clean surfaces of objects and hard to reach areas.
  • Here are my choices, and I have tried a good number before settling down to these below. Check out more choices at Amazon India
(extremely important, affordable, easy to use)

3. Mittens – Very handy for contact-less interactions
  • These are improvised and unconventional ways of using these but these have been most useful for me in my day to day living.
  • Yes, these are simple ‘oven mittens’ that I grabbed from our kitchen and putting to use.
  • I put them on when I step out of my apartment and I can use them to operate almost all things on my way to work such as opening doors, operating lists (elevator), receiving courier packages, and on and on.
  • Much simpler to wear and remove than full gloves, or even disposable gloves. And washable.
  • I’ve bought these for best value – Silicone Microwave Oven Mitts or Mittens
  • Though slightly thinner than the ones I use for my own, these are very good for this contact-less use.
  • Check out more choices at Amazon India
(Leading & trusted brand, top-rated, cost-effective)

4. Gloves (disposable & reusable)
  • These prevent the secondary contact in today’s day to day life.
  • We picked the gloves that are simple to use and do not complicate things
  • Disposable – best for many tasks. We can keep some in the pocket or handbag. Put them on whenever we come in contact with the suspicious or unsanitized surface or item. Then dispose of.
  • Reusable for Home & Kitchen – there are many tasks that we end up doing in sanitizing the items we buy whether for kitchen or home. These can be used in various situations. We preferred these over the tight ones as the tight gloves do not last long.
  • Check out more choices at Amazon India
(best value & affordable, good quality, helps protect health and skin )

5. Disinfecting Wipes
  • Can be very handy not only for the people on the go, but at home and for taking care of baby gear (do not use of babies), for electronic gadgets and computers and cellphones. You name it.
  • Made with the same WHO standards based sanitizers but come soacked with a wipe so you can use it on the larger surfaces for effective cleaning.
  • I would not mind using thse on hands for immediate sanitization and then go about washing at a later time so my hands won’t dry out.
  • Check out more options on Amazon India.
(Trusted brands, affordable, easy to use, good quality)

6. Vegetable Disinfectants
  • We shall not be any less careful with the food. I know most of us are following a very good routine with vegetables cleaning.
  • These below greatly help.
  • Tips:
    • It can add extra protection if we can also clean them once in foamy soap water, preferably natural foam. And in the next step, make sure to get rid of any chemicals this soap cleaning adds by cleaning with natural vegetable disinfectants.
(food grade, affordable, trusted brands and top rated)

7. Surface Disinfectants
(a great way to add trusted protection & affordable)

8. Face Shields
(good quality, affordable, optional for added protection & hence 4 stars)

9. Thermometers – contactless
  • As much as we do not want to use them, these are essential at home and offices too these days.
  • It is always better to know ahead if the fever is coming to hit anyone at family or even in the office. So we can take care of them and protect others.
  • And do not forget, if you are careful about social distancing and want to check an outsider of the group who may be temporarily mixing with your group, these industrial-grade contactless thermometers are very good.
  • Tip:
    • Many offices and even families do check for fever temperatures before allowing an outsider into the premises.
    • Don’t forget to sanitize if these are changing hands from one to the other.
  • Check out more choices at Amazon India.
(both options: great quality & best value)

10. Sanitizable Handbags or Prectors
  • Do not undermine the importance of having a handbag that can be sanitized or even washed. What good is it if we take care of our hands and face but not the bag.
  • A. We recommend washable bags, more than a few. So you can frequently wash them, for the best sanitization.
    • One such is EcoRight Canvas Tote
    • But find what suits you. The criteria to be fully washable without the leather or non-washable parts.
  • B. A stylish alternative would be something made of PVC without many decorations or external designs. So, you can use sanitizer on the exterior effectively.
  • C. A protective cover, a very effective method to cover your own stylish handbag and yet keep it free of contact. The key point is the external cover should be washable or disposable or sanitizable.
    • We picked disposable methods, for ease of use and it will show off your handbag at least to some extent. You can use these to cover your handbag and cut the plastic wrap at the opening of your handbag. Here is our pick for the plastic wrap – Raj Stretch Wrap
    • Here is a washable alternative – EcoRight Cotton Tote Bag Plain – Reusable, though it would hide your stylish handbag.
Easy to sanitize
(not to ignore, affordable, avoidable hence 4 stars)

Bonus Pics: Best utility but a bit pricey

11. UV Sanitizers – pricey yet very useful for families and small businesses.
  • Many families that I know, including ours, are going through lot of hassle every day trying to disinfect many day to day needs for their families.
  • A few months ago, I came to know about the UV use for disinfecting and that prototypes are being made. Now, they are commercially available.
  • These are easy to use and can always replace your existing disinfecting process or add an easy extra step.
  • Check out the below picks, one from a very trusted company and the other for the best value at low cost.
  • Also, check out our dedicated review on these UV sanitizers here – Top 6 UV sanitizers for Indian homes & small biz
(simple to use, extremely useful even at the high price)

12. Car Passenger Isolation Protectors
  • Another item that you may not undermine the importance of having if you have a driver and want to be safe.
  • It is widely known that many a celebrity, and in fact many people, have been exposed to the unwanted health crisis because of one of their drivers, maids, or staff.
  • And it is very important to protect yourself, especially in a closed space as in a car when you have a driver.
  • This method is widely in use by many Taxi companies and even many private individuals are putting these to use.
  • Note:
    • You can find local car accessories shops where they can assemble these for you. Would cot you more and you may have to sanitize afterward.
    • Or you could do it yourself by buying a kit but these kits are generic and require assembly. These kits, you will have to do it yourself.
    • Check if you could do this on your own here – how the isolation kits can be installed, on Youtube.
    • Pick a kit that is compatible with your car & model or go for a little larger model so you can cut off the extra portions.
    • These may be used for Vans like Toyota Innova or SUV like Toyota Fortuner.
  • Full Rear Side Divider Film – Full front row seats are isolated
  • Driver Side Divider Film – Driver Seat Only Isolated
(not for everyone and require assembly, hence 4 stars)

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