Sturdy large wooden board at very affordable price

What we liked:

  • It’s a large wooden board, which means no plastic and no chemicals.
  • Wooden boards last very long time with proper maintenance (keep them dry after use).
  • Wooden boards also give the proper friction so we can cut with ease.

Who is it for:

  • If you are looking for natural, non-plastic tools for your kitchen, this is the one.
  • These wooden boards are great, but note they need a bit of maintenance or will accumulate dark patches sooner than the plastic boards. So, if you want something with easy maintenance, then go for plastic or steel boards

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Summary of Features:

  • Stylish reversible and ultra-thick design makes chopping board a must for your kitchen cooking tasks
  • A handle makes this cutting board easy to carry and easy to hang on wall hooks
  • This size gives more space for cutting and is perfect for fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese and more
  • Cutting board made from 100% premium wood with no added dyes or stains which is toxin-free and has natural anti-bacterial properties