An excellent accessory that makes cooking easier and safe for Indian chefs or chefs anywhere in the world for that matter.

What we liked:

We all buy some of these more than once in a few years. These are non-essentials in the Indian kitchens.  And most of us ‘think’ it is easier doing without them and we just go on about doing the chores in the kitchen, mostly as a habit.  But if we only put a little bit of effort and make it a habit to use these, I would have to say, they will make things a lot easier and less risky in the kitchen than without them.

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Then, with so many new dishes that most of us are trying to cook at homes from the recipes on the internet or YouTube, some of these became an absolute must nowadays and some are new to Indian kitchens but have become household items in no time.

Sometimes we keep using an outdated or worn out or even sometimes broken once because we don’t find time to order them or go get one from local stores.

It is a good practice to check all the essentials and see which ones need to be replaced, or soon need replacement. Then buy them all together at once. And we recommend waiting for the online festive sales that come once a few months and stock up cause when your current tool breaks, then we are forced to buy. And usually, we end up paying more because we cannot wait.

Sieve or Strainer or Colander:
  • Unless you cook occasionally, this is another must-have from a novice to the seasoned chef.
  • We prefer steel because with Indian cooking, we filter a lot of hot ?? dishes such as pressure cooked Chana from water, etc.
  • Stainless Steel 3L Colander and Strainer
    • Ideal for most families unless you cook for lots of people often. Even then, you would want to have this, and a larger one
  • Here is a larger alternative, equally good but larger in size – Stainless Steel 5 L Jumbo Colander and Strainer

Who is it for:

  • We recommend these for beginners, and I have seen almost all professional chefs using these.
  • We also recommend these to the senior, seasoned self-made chefs of India if they are already not using.  But again, there I have seen most of them have this and use these.
  • So basically, this is good for everyone

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Summary of Features:

Balaji Stainless Steel 5 L Jumbo Colander and Strainer:

  • High Grade Stainless Steel Jumbo Colander & Strainer is made of High Grade Stainless Steel. The special mesh cutting is designed in such a way to be used for Pulses, vegetables and salads among other things.The colander is finished in a premium Chrome.
  • Jumbo Size: 5 Litres,High Grade( Food Grade) SS
  • Useful for Vegetables, Fruits and Salads among other things
  • Mesh Design in Chrome Finish
  • Contains : 1 Piece
  • Dimension (Cm) : 24 X 24 X 10.5 | Weight : 0.235 Kgs | Capacity : 3000ml | Finish : Inside & outside Mirror
  • Multi-purpose colander for draining out liquid from pasta, canned fruits, vegetables, Rice, Noodle etc . Extra deep colander to keep moisture-sensitive food fresh.
  • Food Safe | Professionally manufactured using High Quality & Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Material | Grade – 14/1 Stainless steel , 201 Grade.
  • Strong and sturdy | Easy to wash and clean | Rust proof. | Hygienic To Use As They Are Made From Food Safe Stainless Steel. | Dishwasher safe.