An uncommon thing but arguably best with lots and lots of uses in our Indian kitchens

What we liked:

We all buy some of these more than once in a few years. These are non-essentials in the Indian kitchens.  In fact, these are western style, for baking etc.   But wait,

  • They are probably the most useful, simple to use, clean and store than most things that we use to hold hot vessels like cloths, tongs.
  • These are improvised and unconventional ways of using these but these have been most useful for me in my day to day living.
  • Much simpler to wear and remove than full gloves, or thicker than clothes, or and easily washable.

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Who is it for:

  • We recommend these for beginners; and the professional chefs do not need me telling them, they already have these long before I started cooking.
  • And for experienced cooks with lot of traditional backgrounds, I would still recommend them, you will find better use than I can think of, with all your years of experience.
  • So basically, this is good for everyone

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Summary of Features:

  • Protect your hands from burns & hot items with these modern high-heat resistant silicone gloves. Never worry about burning yourself again, and having to wear big bulky oven mitts that time to get on and off.
  • Professional quality potholder; versatile for use when removing hot pot lids; protects your hands from a hot cast iron handle or microwave dish; useful as a hot spoon holder or moving a hot trivet without burning your hand or fingers.
  • Versatile for use handling frozen items too or as an assistant when removing tight screw top lids from bottles or jars
  • A magnet is attached to the mitt, can stick it to metal surface. Magnetism is relatively weak to make it easy to be detached. Dish washer is not recommended to wash this mitt.
  • Protect your hands from extreme hea. Made from food grade silicone material.