Best in Small Electric Choppers & lower powered option

What we liked:

  • This is 2nd pick in the small electric choppers category, both of which are equally good.
  • If you would not mind spending extra, you will get these excellent ‘electric’ choppers that ease your effort a lot.
  • There is a ‘very considerable’ ease of use with these when it comes to cooking or making salads for more than couple of people.
  • And the time is also equally reduced by putting these ‘electric’ version to use.
  • We picked ‘two’ in this category and both are euqally good in all aspects that we consider – price, quality, ease of use and brand name. Of course, the color and look are different, so suite your taste.
  • One is 450 watts vs. the other 300 watts, (you will get more power with more watts but if you ever need to use on inverter, lower watts are better).
  • BTW, both the cups have measurements, which helps quite a lot when you follow some diet or need to make specific quantities.
  • These models are:

    Who is it for:

    • Best suited for everyone who would not mind spending extra to get an electric version.
    • Best for cooking small to medium groups, as well as for large groups when you only need to mash or chop small quantities.
    • Excellent because of ease of use compared to manual or larger food processors.

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    Summary of Features:

    • 600 ml ‘chop-serve-n-store’ plastic bowl with lid included
    • Comes with two sets of sharp edged stainless steel blades for better chopping ; Dishwasher Safe: No ; Safety Features: To Avoid Damage To The Chopping Blade, Do Not Process, Or Grind Hard Items Such As Forzen Foods, Ice, Rice, Spices, Coffee And Beans. Do Not Process Thin Liquids Such As Water Or Milk. Read All The Instructions Before Using This Appliance
    • Dual blades enables chopping of spinach and other leafy vegetables
    • Low noise motor for silent operation
    • Inbuilt thermal auto cut-off for motor safety
    • Motor mount switch for extra safety
    • Power: 300W; Voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz; Motor : 100% Copper Winding