One of the top-most models from a long and trusted brand with more than enough functionality and long lasting quality product.

What we liked:

A trusted brand that is known for customer-centric design, very good quality, and an established service network.
Well designed for easy use, cleaning, and storage; with high-quality material whilst saving electricity with low wattage.
Multi-Level 6 knife with 3 double blades, more than 50 functions including grating cutting grinding chopping and dough making

Who is it for:

For families or cooking enthusiasts that are willing to pay the higher price that gives a long-lasting and excellent product.
For those that want to use it on a daily or frequent basis and still want to get it running for a long time; heavy users.
Even though this is an excellent product, this may not be for those who would use it occasionally, because of its high price.

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Summary of Features:

Power saving yet powerful 800 watt motor with 2-speed settings and Moment function
Dishwasher-safe accessories: easy and convenient cleaning of the accessories in the dishwasher
Level 6 knife with 3 double blades with more than 50 functions – grating cutting grinding chopping and dough making
BPA free plastic. Polycarbonate 1-liter blender
Smart Storage of standard accessories directly in the compact bowl