Highly recommended – full featured, auto, great warranty & decent price

What we liked:

  • Fully functional, automatic, with additional features that help elderly, chronic patients detect issues with heart/blood pressure ahead when checking regularly.
  • Highly Recommended with the features, extended 5 years warranty (available 2020). Don’t forget to register.
  • Comes fully loaded – with battery, adapter, and pouch.

Who is it for:

  • So easy to use, it’s good for anyone in need of one.

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Summary of Features:

  • Hindi or English Talking: Dr Trust BP Smart is an easiest BP monitor to use. Fully automatic and has dual talking guidance (Hindi & English) or mute modes
  • USB Port: Comes with USB port connectivity and supports multiple peripheral USB devices. Also, works with 4AA batteries and easy to carry along for mobile use
  • Efficient + Medical Level Accuracy: It works efficiently for each individual user. Takes accurate measurement of your systolic + diastolic BP+ pulse irregularities + heart rate with zero worries quickly
  • Automatic & Comfortable: Comes with an advanced fuzzy algorithm, a new pumping technology to prevent over pumping and making measurement a comfortable process
  • Extra Wide Cuff & Easy to Use: A stylish extra-wide cuff (22-42 cm) fits easily around all sizes arms. It stores up to 120 measurements of 2 users and they are easy to recall whenever needed