Lowest cost, well-featured, automatic from an emerging brand in health and home care products

What we liked:

  • Another upcoming brand in health equipment in the past good number of years in India.
  • Their products are decently priced with good quality and latest features, with decent support.
  • This one has good features, large display, voice reading out of results, batteries or USB cable operation.

Who is it for:

  • For anyone in need of one, as it is simple to use and very affordable.

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Summary of Features:

  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED: Deluxe looking blue & white body built around an extra-large clear LCD display screen
  • TALKING FUNCTION: Features a pleasant voice reading out the start-up instructions, your BP readings and pulse rate aloud in English language, along with BP level compliance
  • MICRO USB PORT : The USD port is universally compatible with any standard adapter of 5-6V – whether your mobile charger, power bank or laptop USB cable. Remove batteries before usage with adapter
  • RELIABLE READINGS: Devised to perfection with traditional Oscillometric Technology and pressure sensors to provide a more reliable, accurate and cost-effective monitoring of blood pressure at home
  • VERSATILE FEATURES: 2 User memory of 90 readings each, Large LCD display with black fonts, BP level indicator, Irregular heartbeat indicator, Body movement indicator, Error & low battery indicator