A best value, giving you plenty of holders that can used in Bathrooms or Kitchen

What we liked:

  • We liked this because of my own experience.  Having more than a few of these that do not need me to put nails and easy to install or remove makes things extremely easy and convenient in the bathrooms or kitchens.  Especially when you are renting or don’t want to spoil your own walls.
  • One of the lower-priced pack, a solid quality.
  • Easy to install and you do not have to put nails
  • Works on tiles of the bathroom or kitchen.

Who is it for:

  • A great rescue tool when you are renting or do not want to put nails on the walls of your homes.
  • It is for anyone who wants to organise their bathrooms because it is easy to install and does not spoil the wall or tiles.

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Summary of Features:

  • Double-deck design to ensure fast draining as well as to provide dry and clean soap after using soap.
  • Detachable drain pan to dispose water.Smooth surface for comfortable use and long service life.
  • Unique design, to show the quality of life Perfect for daily life and keep soap clean .Made of high quality ABS Plastic material, durable and practical.
  • Easy to install and requires no drilling.Helps keep soap dry and clean.Apply it on Kitchen, Bathroom, or Washroom Walls.
  • Package Includes : Adhesive Soap Dish Holder ( Pack Of 4 ).Material: ABS Plastic.(Important Note : Works With Glossy Tiles Or Glass Or Steel Or Glossy Surface. Not For Wall or Wooden Surface.)