Best Light Tasting or non-bitter Green Tea –

What we liked:

  • Boasts ‘no bitterness’ and comes from another ’emerging’ leader that is very much welcomed by the tea connoisseurs and tea lovers alike.
  • Benefits:
    • Natural Metabolism Booster, High Antioxidants, Aids Weight Management
  • Check out more choices at Amazon India. (green tea would contain caffeine when not stated otherwise)

Who is it for:

  • This could be a great choice for those who like it light
  • For all the beginners that want the benefits but do not like the strong flavour
  • Recommend it for connoisseurs and it may become part of their stock.

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Summary of Features:

  • ABOUT ONLYLEAF: OnlyLeaf offers only the 100% whole leaf green teas the highest grade of teas without dust or fanning. It is blended with 100% natural ingredients for the best tea experience
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Known to boost metabolism Organic green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants and helps to aid weight management too
  • BOX INCLUDES: 25 green tea bags of 2 grams each along with 2 free exotic samples having a shelf life of 2 years with ingredients enclosed in staple-free food-grade and fine mesh pyramid tea bags allowing them to open up and infuse better
  • TASTING NOTES: The tea produces a soothing and refreshing flavour with notes of fresh greens
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Place a tea bag in a cup and pour hot water before boiling at 80-85 degree Celsius and steep for 2-3 minutes Steep a second cup for 4-5 minutes at 85-90 degree Celsius