One of a kind Earl Grey – the best of the world ‘Earl Grey’ with Desi ‘Tulsi’

What we liked:

  • Yes, its Earl Grey with Tulsi. Maybe the most unique of Teas, and maybe the specialty of India to add Tulsi to the world rebound, Earl Grey.
  • You cannot expect the traditional Earl Grey taste but of course, but with added soothing taste of Tulsi and the refreshing after-feel.
  • Check out more choices at Amazon India. (green tea would contain caffeine when not stated otherwise)

Who is it for:

  • It is the world-famous Earl Grey. If you know it, you might want to try it.
    It has already made it into the must-have lists of connoisseurs.
    I would not mind recommending it to everyone but with a bit of caution because of its flavour, which is described by different people differently as –

    • “The flavor profile comes across very floral, with a very distinct lemony citrus and a little bit of grapefruit”
    • “The first thing you’ll notice about it is a very pleasant bitterness”.
      • Earl Grey is flavored with bergamot oil (which is why it’s sometimes considered a flavor tea), which comes from a type of citrus fruit.

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Summary of Features:

  • Benefits of tulsi green tea earl grey: this exclusive organic India tulsi green tea earl grey combines the “incomparable” tulsi with premium green tea to offer you a most satisfying, flavourful and healthy enhancing tea, for earl morning and treat throughout your day
  • Tulsi green earl grey tea is finest combination of green tea, tulsi, bergamot oil
  • Country of Origin: India