A premium full-featured and very reliable, small and well built baby monitor from world leader with great service in India

What we liked:

  • Philips and it’s Avent – one of the best brands and pioneers in this category of wireless gadgets & baby gear.
  • You will premium features, reliability of Philips for a great price.
  • Excellent quality, reliable product that lasts for years to come.
  • The parent unit is portable (battery or plugged) and can last a full day without plugging back in

Who is it for:

  • Great for new parents, even for parents of toddlers or for those that want to use it to look after their elderly at homes.
  • This is very good when you want to live & reliable monitoring and hence useful for caring for kids or elders.
  • Coming from Philips (Avent), we strongly recommend this for any parent who wants the reliability, and quality of the products, backed by a very strong service even in India
    • This brand has better service and support in India compared to all other baby monitor brands

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Summary of Features:

  • Enjoy peace of mind with the Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT baby monitor.
  • DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitting product like other baby monitors, cordless phones and cell phones.
  • It also provides high quality, crystal clear sound so you can hear your baby anytime. The unique Smart ECO mode automatically minimizes your transmission power and increases your battery lifetime.
  • The five sound-activated LED lights alert you of the noise level in your baby’s room even when the parent unit is muted.
  • If your baby is restless when you put them to bed, you can help soothe and calm your baby to sleep with the warm tranquil glow of the night light.
  • With a range of 300m you can be fully mobile in and around the home.
  • The parent unit can be outlet or battery-powered using AA batteries (not included).