A great accessory to help prevent dripping water and mess, a must have for families.

What we liked:

  • A thoughtful and well-designed tool to help with many household items that usually do not have a proper place in the homes as their shape makes it difficult to place  (store) them properly.
  • Made with quality material, solid holding strength to hold a lot of mops, brooms, umbrella or such.
  • Would last a long time and serve a very good purpose of keeping your home or apartment tidy.

Who is it for:

  • Good for any family, any size of house or apartment.
  • Good for bachelors, to large families alike.
  • Can place indoors or outdoors depending on the need.

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Summary of Features:

  • New Design: Perfect and cleverly designed Mop holder, specially to accommodate mops, broom and other tools used in kitchen, bathroom or garage. A ‘wall’ organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness.
  • Best Quality: Made of high quality plastic material, sturdy and durable. This mop and broom magic organizer’s slots feature spring controlled balls which automatically adjust to the handle’s size.
  • Save Space: The beauty of this mop holder is its design which automatically adjusts to the thickness of the different handles from 0.5 inch to 1¼ inch wide and grip it securely. Can hold weight capacity upto 10 KG.
  • Up floor space: Great for Home, School, Office etc. This wall mounted broom, brush and mop hanger organizer box has been specially designed to help you save space and keep your living and working environment clear of clutter.
  • Easy and secure installation: Super easy and takes just 6 screws and 6 anchors in the package to mount securely, along with clear step-by-step instructions that allow even the clumsiest of us can install easily in just minutes