These aren’t as expensive as we think they are, and can be very useful in our Indian homes and kitchens

What we liked:

  • These are affordable, about 1 rupee (if you go with 200 or more option) and they can last more than a year.
  • They are very useful when we do things in a hurry, when guests are around when cleaning really bad mess etc. and the uses can be so many.
  • I personally keep a small bundle at home, some in the kitchen and some in the hall, and some near my car.  And I use them in all these areas and also in the bathrooms.  They protect my skin, and make cleaning a lot easier, and more than that, they make cleaning safer.

Who is it for:

  • Though these are more of personal preference, in my opinion, they are good for all ages including seniors.
  • If we actually assess their financial value, they save money even though they are disposable.  Remember how many times we threw away some clothes because they got stains or oil or something that we would rather dispose of than keep.  If we could only use these where suitable, we could end up saving money because of these.
  • Anyways, again, these are personal preferences but we recommend them in most homes and kitchens.

Be careful not to use around or on hot surfaces.


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Summary of Features:

  • These gloves are very smooth for improved feel.
  • These gloves are latex free also
  • These gloves are food safe, thus suitable for food handling in hotels & kitchens etc. Best to Keep your hands clean while doing paint job or hair dye job also. Best for : Home, Kitchen, Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Beauty Parlor, Saloons..etc…