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Some facts about prevalence of Blood Pressure in India
  • High blood pressure (BP) is a major public health problem in India and its prevalence is rapidly increasing among both urban and rural populations. In fact, hypertension is the most prevalent chronic disease in India. (ref 1)
  • One in five young adults in India has high blood pressure. That equates to 80 million people – more than the entire UK population(ref 2)
  • There is a high prevalence of hypertension, with almost one in every three Indian adult affected. (ref 3)
Should I buy a Blood Pressure Monitor?
  • Yes, it has become an essential health care item to be kept at home, even if none at home has Blood Pressure.
  • A must-keep-item if anyone at your home has Blood Pressure conditions.
  • If you keep a thermometer, some essential medicines, then you should consider keeping a BP apparatus at home.
  • Even if you are healthy and all your family is healthy but if you have parents or in-laws who are old and have BP conditions, then it becomes very important to keep one handy all the time.

Who may not need a Blood Pressure monitor.
  • People with a healthy lifestyle under 40 years, living in shared places.
  • People who do not keep thermometer and the first aid kits at home.
  • Don’t worry folks, these days many people have it at home. So, when a need arises, you could find it at one of your neighbors.
Is buying a Blood Pressure monitor costly?
  • No, it is not costly.
  • Consider how long the apparatus usually work, the benefits, and the costs of getting the Blood Pressure tests when you need to take one.
  • I have been using one for as long as 7 years and it is still like new with fair use. It paid itself.
  • More importantly, it comes very handy when we need to take the reading of some elderly family member while the doctor on the other side of the phone call is asking for it to give consultation.
What are the Benefits of buying a Blood Pressure monitor? ?
  • You can test BP when required, even at nights or after just waking up. These times, it is very difficult to get test done with outside services.
  • When someone in the family is suddenly feeling unwell, and doctor on a phone call wants to check the Blood Pressure.
  • With the prevalence of this ailment and the consequences of not knowing the Blood Pressure especially when it either shots up or drops down, this equipment is an important one to have.
What are the different types of Blood Pressure monitors available?
  • Digital Arm cuff:
    • Most recommended because of accuracy & ease of use.
    • All the listed ones below are this category
  • Digital Wrist cuff:
    • Less accurate than arm based
  • Aneroid monitors:
    • Less expensive but because of lack of ease of use & we do not recommend them
  • Sphygmomanometer:
    • Highly accurate, use mercury and better to be used by medical professionals only

  • There are few more but the above are most important ones.
  • Smartphone apps, or devices that solely depend on smartphones for reading even with external device are not recommended unless you know what you need it for.
  • Same with the finger based readers, not so accurate.
How much do Blood Pressure monitors cost in India?
  • Somewhere in the price range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000.
  • Usually, come with a 1-year warranty or more.
  • Most of the trusted brands offer decent to good service in India.
How to choose a Blood Pressure monitor for Indian household?
  • Don’t overpay even if it comes with a lot of features. Most times we use the basics ..Somewhere in the price range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000.
  • Do not buy fancy ones, with lots of features unless you are on some kind of routine that requires using all the features like Bluetooth, saving into memory, etc. Most times they are confusing at best.
  • Smartphone app-based monitors are not yet matured enough to trust our blood pressure reading. So you may use them on the go, but not to use on a regular basis.
  • We recommend using the Digital Arm Cuff, or if you really are a medical pro like person and want the accuracy, then Spygmomanometer based units.
How to use the Blood Pressure monitor correctly?
  • Wrapping the cuff properly is necessary for an accurate reading
  • Measure at the same time of the day (within 1 hour after getting-up and before bed-time is recommended)
  • Sit in a chair, straighten your back, and be relaxed.
  • We suggest reading this article from WebMD to know how to get accurate readings.

Top 6 Blood Pressure Monitors in India

1. Dr. Trust Atrial Fibrillation Automatic Digital Bp Monitor Machine (Highly recommended)
  • Fully functional, automatic, with additional features that help elderly, chronic patients detect issues with heart/blood pressure ahead when checking regularly.
  • Highly Recommended with the features, extended 5 years warranty (available 2020). Don’t forget to register.
  • Comes fully loaded – with battery, adapter, and pouch.
(Full featured, auto, great warranty & decent price)

2. Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Lowest cost)
  • Fully functional from a brand that’s been around for a good number of years.
  • The battery only operated, low battery indicator.
  • Product quality is good and service is average.
  • Averages the last 3 readings. Irregular heartbeat detection
(Lowest cost & fully automatic)

3. Omron Fully Auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense For Most Accurate Measurement (Best in quality and accuracy)
  • A trusted brand worldwide and long-established one in India.
  • 5 Years Warranty and lifetime support provided by Omron
  • Even as it’s more expensive than others, we strongly recommend it for its quality, reliability, and accuracy.
(World leader in this category for very competitive price & great features)

4. BPL Medical Technologies Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
  • A trusted brand, offers 4 years of warranty (as on 2020 June).
  • Easy operation, large display. Operated by battery or an adapter. comes with pouch.
  • Results can be easily interpreted with the help of the colour classification
(Trusted brand in India with excellent warranty)

5. Dr Trust (USA) Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Connect App
  • A reliable brand offer this pricier unit but with lots of features and Bluetooth connection to the app.
  • Extra-wide cuff, battery or USB operation, large display.
  • A good choice if you want to use the app yet have full functionality in the apparatus by itself (fully functional without the app)
(Individual rating)

6. HealthSense Heart-Mate Digital BP Monitor with Talking
  • Another upcoming brand in health equipment in the past good number of years in India.
  • Their products are decently priced with good quality and latest features, with decent support.
  • This one has good features, large display, voice reading out of results, batteries or USB cable operation.
(Individual rating)

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