Hi there Smart Indian Chefs :

We all buy some of these kitchen essentials more than once in a few years. These are very essential in the Indian kitchens, well for that matter, any kitchens in the world :-).

Measuring Spoons & Cups :

  • Agree!  these are non-essential.  But with the social media recipes that we are all trying, I think it is good to have these at home these days.
  • With so many new dishes that most of us are trying from the recipes on the internet or YouTube, these became an a must nowadays 🙂
  • And they do not easily wear out and we do not use them so often too.   So these usually last long unless we lose them.

Measuring Jars or Mugs :

  • Another fast-becoming-necessity these days even to a novice or home cooking chef.
  • Even though we prefer steel over glass because of fragility, we cannot see through the steel jars hence we picked glass ones below.
  • We also have a plastic ones that are made with food-grade and BPA free, just in case kids are around and you need to be careful with it.
    • Try to avoid hot liquids in plasticky ones to prevent synthetics releasing chemicals, however good quality the cups is


  • It is recommended to use food-grade BPA free plastic, better yet stainless steel or glass ones.
  • If you are going to be using plasticky ones, its good not to use on hot foods or use them to mix hot foods.  If doing so, it is very important that the material is food-grade even at higher temperatures.
  • A curved bottom is better for spoons for easy cleaning and flat bottom for cups for stable standing.

In general, sometimes we keep using an outdated or worn out or even sometimes broken one because we don’t find time to order them or go get one from the local stores.

It is a good practice to check all the essentials and see which ones need to be replaced, or soon need replacement. Then buy them all together at once when there is a ‘Sale’.

We recommend waiting for the online festive sales that come once a few months and stock up cause when your current tool breaks, then we are forced to buy and end up paying more because we cannot do without it.

All the below are our best picks and here are three best in the listed category.  
Within budget: VR Smart Plastic Measuring Spoons & Cups Set (8 Pieces)
Value for money: Amazon Brand – Solimo Measuring Set (set of 9)
The Premium: Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup
Total products reviewed:    over 215    🙂

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A simple ‘one’ jug or jar that allows you to measure different volumes.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use one jar that can measure different volumes
  • Simple to use, good bottom for proper placement & a handle
  • Not BPA free, not suited for hot contents

A time-tested, excellent quality glass-ware from a trusted world leader

Pros & Cons
  • Trusted brand, long-lasting with some care
  • Very useful for day to day jobs, and when need to measure
  • A good & professional looking, accentuates your kitchen
  • Glass, a very good material with respect to health
  • Breakable, though best in terms of health as it is glass

A must have in today’s kitchens, excellent quality, you will get a lot for your rupee.

Pros & Cons
  • Elegant looking, very good quality set
  • Easy to measure and clean
  • Proper base for cups and curvature for spoon
  • Pricey though worth every rupee.

Best value with affordable price from an trusted brand brand for all your measuring needs in the kitchen.

Pros & Cons
  • Food grade, BPA free, Dishwasher safe
  • Trusted brand, affordable price
  • Can meet all your kitchen needs
  • None to list

Lowest priced, good design and quality for all your measuring needs in kitchen.

Pros & Cons
  • One of the lowest-priced
  • Good design, good quality make
  • Can meet all your measuring needs
  • Not BPA-free

A simple to use ‘set of jars’ that allows you to measure different volumes

Pros & Cons
  • Great addition to busy kitchens for larger groups
  • Very good design, with handle and proper base
  • Made for scientific labs, may use carefully in kitchen like a plastic item


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