Hi there Smart Indian Chefs :

We all buy some of these kitchen essentials more than once in a few years. These are very essential in the Indian kitchens, well for that matter, any kitchens in the world :-).

Spatula & Turners Sets – who could cook without these? And they wear out, get dirty or break with time. And if we don’t replace, they go on scraping off any non-stick cookware we use with and add unhealthy chemicals or bacteria to our food.

Even if they are functional and decently looking, it is highly recommended by professional chefs and doctors that we replace these once a while depending on our usage and foods we cut on it.

Sometimes we keep using an outdated or worn out or even sometimes broken one because we don’t find time to order them or go get one from the local stores.

It is a good practice to check all the essentials and see which ones need to be replaced, or soon need replacement. Then buy them all together at once when there is a ‘Sale’.

We recommend waiting for the online festive sales that come once a few months and stock up cause when your current tool breaks, then we are forced to buy and end up paying more because we cannot do without it.


  • It is recommended to use wooden ones for liquidy dishes as even the best of the spatula may add synthetic substances over a period of use, though slightly.
    • For crepes, silicon ones may turn out to the best.
  • It is OK to buy cheap wooden or steel spatula or turner, but if you are buying synthetic (like the plasticky ones), then we strongly recommend to go with a quality silicone one, and make sure the manufacturer lists it as food-grade or BPA free.
All the below are our best picks and here are three best in the listed category.  
Within budget: Ikea 3 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set
Value for money: Amazon Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools Set
The Premier: Ziaon Silicone Heat-Resistant Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil Set
Total products reviewed:    over 105    🙂

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A set to help with all cooking needs for a mid to large family

Pros & Cons
  • Good for all types of needs
  • Need wood, good quality
  • 100 % natural - heat resistant, non-toxic
  • Pricey compared to synthetic or steel

Excellent basic, affordable spatula set from world-leader in kitchen accessorries.

Pros & Cons
  • Best combination of 3 tools to cover variety of chores
  • Trusted brand, affordable price
  • Long lasting, rugged and sturdy
  • Just synthetic & not silicone

A good spatula only set, high grade silicone, trusted brand

Pros & Cons
  • A combination to cover many tasks
  • Long lasting, good quality, silicone
  • Trusted brand, affordable price
  • Set with no spoons, all are spatula or flat

An excellent value, quality, all purpose combination from a trusted brand

Pros & Cons
  • Excellent quality food-grade steel
  • Long lasting, rugged and sturdy
  • Great combination to meet all your kitchen needs
  • Trusted brand, affordable price
  • Not suitable for non-stick

Best non-stick set for mid to large families, a very good quality product

Pros & Cons
  • Great set for non-stick & baking needs
  • Very good desing, good quality
  • Brand with a wide ranging products
  • Not much use if you do not use non-stick

A special & great set for smart Indian kitchens – for all your needs, with beauty and elegance.

Pros & Cons
  • More than what you need for your kitchen
  • Beautiful, elegant, premium quality
  • A great set for great kitchens
  • BPA-free, latex-free & FDA certified food-grade
  • Pricey but one of the best out there