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Basics of Preventable Eye Problems
Good eyesight is privilege, lets protect it

There are many odds against losing the privilege of having the normal “good” eyesight that the most have in their twenties (aka acute vision), even with corrective measures.

We need to protect the privilege of being able to see well.

We can do quite a bit to taking care of eyes, following safe practices with respect to the exposure to UV, and so on.

Most importantly, we have to protect our eyes from the hours and hours of blue light and unhealthy work habits.

Also, here are a few tips and some gadgets handpicked for our Indian friends and visitors below.

Take care of the Eyes? or take good-eyesight for granted!

(an article on this topic from Renew Life)

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Symptoms of preventable eye problems
  • Blurred vision after long hours ofwork:
    • Usually, we can notice a lack of ability to focus on text or even on our smartphones after working long hours on the computer screen.
    • Something like, in the morning we could read text on our smartphones. But by night, after lots of hours of work, we end up struggling to be able to read what’s on our phone screen.
  • Dry and tired eyes, Itchiness and burning sensation
    • Cause we don’t blink often, allowing moistness to evaporate.
    • And not allow the natural lubrication that happens when we blink.
    • Dryness, exposure to dust that isn’t cleaned because we don’t blink often and overexertion.
  • Frequent headaches
    • Caused by extended eye strain – screen glare, high contrast between dark and bright screens usually result in this problem
Long term dangers to the eyes
  • Risk of Cataracts, Retinal Damage and Macular degeneration to list a few.
Causes of stress & strain on eyes
  • Blue light
    • Exposure to the gadget screens
    • Exposure to lot of LED TV or any TV for that matter
  • Continuous focus
    • As with most computer folks, many of our work or hobby lifestyles make us to stare at the screen without looking at other things

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) – CVS is becoming a common problem for those who stare at digital screens for long periods without blinking, from too close, or at uncomfortable angles. It can cause symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, trouble with focusing, dry eyes, double or blurred vision, light sensitivity, and burning, itchiness or watering in eyes.

Insight Vision Center

(excerpt from above site)

How these Gadgets can help save our eyes
  • The yellow eyeglasses (Blue light filters):
    • Wearing yellow/amber tinted eyewear blocks blue light to help reduce eye fatigue and strain.
    • They are found in recent studies even to help alleviate problems such as – sleep disorders, bipolar disorder, macular degeneration
    • BTW, they make these for prescription glasses also. You may certainly want to check with your eyeglasses shop so you can have just one eyewear. In that case, it might be a good idea to lower the tint quite a lot because the yellow tint is not suitable for driving our outdoors.
    • Check this article for more on this topic.
  • UV protection glasses:
    • Wearing yellow/amber tinted eyewear blocks blue light to help reduce eye fatigue and strain.
    • This feature in the eyeglasses helps prevent – damage to the cornea and a layer inside of the eyelid and the whites of the eye.
    • Know more about harms of UV to the eyes and benefits of using UV filters in the eyeglasses here.
  • Screen guards for the tablets, smartphones, or laptops:
    • These basically do what the above two do but now the accessory is on the screen so you are free not to wear glasses.
    • That is, they can protect from UV light, Blue light and also offer some other benefits such as privacy as viewing angles can be limited, and prevent scratching of the screen, etc.
  • Monitor mount or stand:
    • Using proper accessory to ensure the distance and angle of view are healthy can help in saving our eyes.
    • There are many varieties of accessories available such as – mounts, stands, table risers, adjustable stands etc..

Best 7 Eye Saving Gadgets in India

1. Yellow tinted Blue Light & UV Filtering & UV glasses
  • In our research, we found the glasses with yellow tint indeed are more effective than the glasses without the yellow tint. We recommend yellow tint for the best protection.
  • Displayed next are Cyxus Blue Light Filter UV Blocking Glasses
(Double protection Blue light & UV & decent price)

2. Blue Light & UV Filtering & UV glasses without Yellow Tint
(No tint, protection from Blue light & UV & great price)

3. Gunnar – the best quality, protection and style
  • The best and one of the foremost leaders in this category are Gunnar glass & frame makers, though pricey the best out there still.
  • Pricey but the best and most sought after ones. Many people wear them outdoors cause they are style symbols too.
  • Displayed next – Gunnar Optiks SheaDog Full Rim Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses with Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame Finish
(Best but we gave only 4 start cause too pricey )

4. Good quality Screen Guards with UV & Blue light protection
  • First off, we want to start with the drawbacks and how to overcome them.
  • Do not buy cheap quality ones if your phone, the tablet is expensive because the cheap ones could cause touch issues, leave a residue when removing, etc.
  • Displayed next – HoA Anti Blue UV Light Eye Protective Tempered Glass Armour 0.3 mm Thin Full Screen Transparent 2.5D 9H Fingerprint Resistant Scratch Protection for iPhone XS Max Ten 10S 6.5 Inch Gorilla Display 10.
(Good quality ones save eyes & your device)

5. A good quality Laptop Screen Guards
  • We actually found a good one for laptops but it may not fit all models out there.
  • This is a bit pricey but certainly going to add to overall wellness for those that work long hours on laptops.
  • Note that they do not have returns but only exchanges so make sure you are buying it to keep.
  • For laptops, these are good but again do not buy cheap ones as they can damage the screen like above.
  • A side note, for the laptops or even monitors, these have become obsolete because of the changed working style of portability. Earlier computers were desk-bound huh. And nowadays, the same features came in different forms.
(Good quality ones save eyes & your device but difficult to find the right fit)

6. Versatile monitor stand
(They last forever and save eye, neck, shoulder problems – money well spent)

7. Simple adjustable monitor stand
  • This one next “AmazonBasics DHMSA Adjustable Monitor Stand” is simple yet adjustable. From a trusted brand and a decent price tag.
  • This even works if you use laptop and an external keyboard so you can adjust the height of the laptop for better vision.
  • BTW, these and any other ergonomic tool is not great for health but they increase productivity many fold.
(They last forever and save eye, neck, shoulder problems – money well spent)

Quick reminder tips that help Save Eyes