A creative organizer that creates space for you from many unused spaces, makes things easy to reach

What we liked:

  • A thoughtful and well-designed tool to help with many household items in places that usually go unused.
  • So effectively it creates storage space from thin air (nowhere)  🙂 and easy to use.
  • Made with quality material, the good holding capacity to but we recommend using light items.
  • Would last a long time and serve a very good purpose of keeping your home or apartment tidy.

Who is it for:

  • Good for any family, any size of house or apartment.
  • Good for bachelors, to large families alike.
  • Can place indoors or outdoors depending on the need – wherever you have a smooth surface.
  • Can be placed on walls, under the cabinets or cupboards, even on the refrigerator.

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Summary of Features:

  • APPLICATION – Self-Adhesive Hook Strip with 6 Hooks for Homes, Kitchens, Offices, Changing Rooms, utensil rack, Doors, Storage Cabinet or Wash-Basin Tiles and Other Places
  • KITCHEN UTENCIL HANGER – This Wall Hooks Bar Can Be Used for Hanging spoon, towels, gloves, knife and fork, pan, pot, keys in your kitchen, bathroom door, bedroom closets and other places
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE – Size: 40 cm x 7 cm. Load Capacity of Up To 5 Kg
  • STAINLESS STEEL BATHROOM HANGER – Create Valuable Storage Space and Save a Whole Cabinet Space with this Rail Installed on Your Wall and Strong Adhesiveness Protects Against Water and Provides Extra Strength and Durability
  • TOWEL HANGER : This utensil rail is provided with a holder (to hold the rail with hooks) and a sticker (Magic Sticker) at its back. Magic stickers of this rail are easy to stick. No nail or drilling needed