Here is a list of some items that many of us do not keep at home and we buy only when we need them.   But it may be a good idea to consider their need in your home during these Lockdowns.

10. First Aid Kit, Prescription and General Medicines

  • This is an obvious one, but it would be a good idea to list out what all medicines that you had used more than a few times in the past year or two.

9.  Water Purifier:

  • Most homes have this but just in case you did not need it, think about what if there is any disruption in water supply and we may not get safe and pure water.

8.  Invertor (if working from home):

  • This is a necessity if you are working from home.  So, if you never had problems of power at home or really did not bother about loss of power until now, it is time to think about it.

7.  Power Banks

  • Communication is all the more important these days.  So what if the electricity (power) is gone for longer than usual and you were not prepared, i.e. your phone is discharged.

6.  Extra pair of charger & cable for mobile:

  • It’s difficult now than ever to go out and buy whatever you need and whenever you need it.   So its a very good practice and safety measure to keep an extra charger with cable.

5.  Rechargeable Light

  • Unlike a decade ago when these rechargeable lights were a necessity, nowadays, we are blessed with fewer power outages and very good mobile battery lights.  But these times aren’t to be relied upon.  So think if this could be a good thing to have at home.

4.  Battery Light

  • The beauty with battery lights is that you can put new batteries and they work, unlike rechargeable ones.  So if the outage lasts longer, these can help you the extra mile after all the charged sources run out.

3.  Rechargeable Batteries & Charger

  • It helps to have a rechargeable set so you can avoid regular batteries as they require you to buy often, which means you will either have to go to a shop or take in the delivery.  Moreover, in most cases, these prove to be cheaper in the longer run.

2.  Batteries

  • We still need them in many things like remote controls etc.  Make sure you have extra stock.  Especially if considered buying or already use a battery light.

1.   Candles & Matches

  • Personally, I have not used these in over a year.   But always keep a few handy with matches.  When all else fails at night, these can come to rescue.


Image Credit:  freepick