Lamp based – DLP: Digital Light Processing Projector
  • One of the oldest technologies used in projectors.
  • Uses a DLP chip with millions of microscopic mirrors that create a dark or light pixel. The color is added by a beam of light that is passed through spinning color wheel before feeding into the DLP.
  • Major strength is, no color decay, no misalignments that can occur in DLP
Lamp based – LCD: Liquid Crystal Display Projectors
  • Same technology that we see in many LCD screen starting with digital wrist watches, alarm clocks and so on.
  • In this, white beam of light is first separate the white beam into Red, Green, Blue lights which a LCD panels and finally combined into white light.
  • Major strength is, more stable and reliable, and less expensive to buy but have maintenance costs.
LED Based – LED: Light-emitting Diode Projectors
  • They can also be either DLP or LCD but they use LED as light source
  • LED life is about 20,000 hours vs. Lamp life of 1000 to 5000 hours.
  • Cast can be cheap to high. But least expensive in maintenance.